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Located in Borgomanero, an entrepreneurial city in the province of Novara and a manufacturing hub in the plumbing, heating and sanitary fittings sector both in Italy and worldwide, the company occupies a large facility organized according to modern functional standards into three seamlessly integrated macro areas that reflect the concept of efficiency. Te-sa utilizza tecnologie produttive all’avanguardia, non rinunciando, nel contempo, al controllo specialistico che solo l’esperienza umana può assicurare. Te-sa adopts advanced production technologies in tandem with specialist control methods that only human experience can provide. products are the outcome of the production process and man-machine synergy, and meet the highest quality standards with minimum environmental impact. From its inception focused on the manufacture of valves, lock shields and manifolds. Subsequently, through determined effort and accurate design, its product range has extended to other increasingly technologically advanced items.

Te-sa’s current product range includes: manual valves and lock shields, thermostat-controlled valves, single and double pipe valves, air vent valves, single and coplanar manifolds, manifolds for underfloor heating distribution, metering units, screw-on and press-on fittings. UNI EN ISO 9001 certification guarantees that each product is manufactured in full compliance with rigorous international standards. “te-sa was both a dream and a bet. it is a great satisfaction watching the company growing up year by year under the leadership of my family led by trust, stability, perspective and the key motive – passion” – the founder believes.

Regulating units

Brass chrome distribution manifolds and stainless steel distribution manifolds

Manifolds for drinking water distribution

Valves and lock shields

Components for floor heating

Compression fitting and press fitting

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