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Established in 1965 in Vigodarzere near Padua, Elbi has always distinguished itself for its large variety of products and its international vocation. The company has been operating for about 50 years in the field of thermo-hyraulicas, gradually achieving a solid reputation and standing in the major world markets.


Originally established as a producer of hot water cylinders and central-heating boilers, after about a decade of activity in this field the company dedicated its efforts to the production of tanks for the thermohydraulics industry. In the mid 70’s Elbi began producing surge tanks and bladder expansion tanks, becoming one of the major European manufacturers in the field of Thermohydraulics and in 1989 the company branched off into a new line of products, processing plastic materials and manufacturing rotational-moulded polyethylene tanks.


The wide range of Elbi products absolutely meets different installation needs – from small civil to large industrial installations.



Elbi is certified in accordance with the quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. The company’s quality system allows constant monitoring of in-house activities, both in terms of process and service and is constantly evolving thanks to a continuous process of technological innovation that improves the quality of products year by year. It is the quality of the products and the top service to the customers that represent the added value of Elbi.


In addition to the ISO-9001 company certification, Elbi has obtained numerous product certifications in compliance with major European and International standards. The products of the thermohydraulic division are certified, depending on the type and application, by various international accreditation bodies. Most of the thermo-hydraulic products are designed according to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) or ASME standard, CE marked, available with WRAS, ACS, TÜV, WRc, NSF, IAPMO, TTK and other international certifications.


Active since 1981, the Limena plant is sub-divided into various production areas, each specialising in specific processes.

Metal processing


The transformation of metals currently makes up around 70% of production activities, and uses technologies for: moulding, cutting and sheet bending; welding of carbon steel and stainless steel; epoxy


powder painting and assembly. The entire production process is implemented with wide use of industrial automation and robots to handle and move the manufactured parts. Production is organised and monitored using an integrated company information system, starting with the analysis and planning of production up to sale of the end product.

Plastic processing

In the early 90’s Elbi wanted to undertake a new production path by processing plastic materials, obtaining considerable results in terms of technological innovation. Today the rotational moulding division has 9 furnaces for polyethylene moulding, largest of which can mould products with a capacity of up to 15.000 litres, among the biggest in Europe. Through rotational moulding technology, Elbi can manufacture a vast range of products in non-toxic and recyclable polyethylene: first collection tanks (water, alimentary liquids, chemicals and other types of fluids), rainwater collection systems, wastewater treatment mechanisms and similar products. Elbi’s product range provides a diverse selection of models designed to meet the different needs of installation in civil and industrial systems for water purification, as well as for water distribution and storage of liquids in tanks with a capacity of up to 40,000 liters.

Replaceable bladder autoclaves

Multi-functional expansion tanks and tanks for solar systems

Expansion tanks

Hot and cold water accumulators

Hot water cylinders – boilers

Polyethylene containers for underground and aboveground installation

Rainwater harvesting systems

Septic tanks and oil traps

Wastewater treatment systems



Energy efficient products

Ecological products

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