Design meets function

With a tradition dating back 1874, Geberit is distinguished by quality, reliability and innovation, thanks to which it stands out as the leader on a global level when it comes to bathroom decoration, sanitary technology and ceramics of top design for accompanying bathroom furniture and shower space. Since the founding of this Swiss company, the basic business philosophy still applied today is – “You can always rely on Geberit solutions”. With DESIGN MEETS FUNCTION, Geberit has successfully brought the experience to users and made them become a part of this new world, as it constantly demonstrates modern possibilities for advanced bathroom solutions.

If you want to enjoy comfort, completely indulge your senses and find inspiration in a short break in modern designed bathrooms – Geberit is a great option. Attractive design, quality manufacturing, authentic lines and elegant colours, high functionality and continuous innovation in terms of efficiency and economy of application provide the overall concept with a fine dose of sophistication and glamour.

Bathroom Products

Sanitary Ceramics

Geberit sanitary ceramics are made of the highest quality materials and represent a synergy of functionality and attractive design. All products are very easy to use, easy to maintain and extremely comfortable.


Geberit furniture transforms the bathroom into a space that exudes harmony precisely because of the elegant surfaces, modern design and elements that fit perfectly with the ceramics. These are high-quality moisture-resistant materials, with a wide range of cabinets, additional elements and mirrors, as well as a smart organization of compartments and drawers with pleasant lighting, which, in addition to practicality, also helps achieve a special aesthetic dimension of the bathroom.

Shower Trays

The design of the shower trays is elegant and very modern. It is an ideal combination of unusual design and impeccable functionality, considering that the trays are stable, strong and extremely resistant to slipping, which guarantees absolute safety with easy maintenance after use.

Shower Enclosures

If you want to experience a unique experience with complete relaxation in your home, Geberit shower enclosures are a great choice. Being functional, comfortable, simple, easy to maintain and at the same time make the bathroom a unique and elegant place, they will once again confirm why they are a great option for everyone whose criteria are quite high when choosing a bathroom.

Advantages of Geberit solutions





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