Technical innovation as a challenge

The company Bonomini s.r.l. was founded in 1976 as a technical studio specialized in the design of industrial artifacts such as household appliances, taps, automotive, moulds and equipment for their construction. In 1980, the construction of steel moulds was also added to the design activity, destined for the production of the most disparate items commissioned by leading Italian and foreign industries. In 1984, the company expanded and started producing and selling hydraulic products. With its mould manufacturing departments, the company is soon joined by plastic injection moulding department. Today, Bonomini’s product range is one of the widest in Italy and is constantly updated in accordance with market trends and requirements.

Development and innovation

The technological innovation of Bonomini s.r.l. is not limited only to the products, but it invests in the entire production cycle. High robotization and dedicated automation are present in all departments. Production planning, quality control, company and product certification support and qualify the company in every aspect. Numerous patents were obtained over the years: TU.BON.FLEX® (Multilayer outlet pipe), TAPPARELLO® (Universal cap), WALLBOX® (Split box), CANALINEA® (Floor drainage channel), BIPOWER® seals and many others.

Quality and certification

Bonomini s.r.l. is certified ISO 9001 since 2011. It has a laboratory equipped with test benches certified for the production testing and inspection, according to the EN 274 standard. Therefore each product is conceived, analyzed, designed and developed in every technological aspect by Bonomini s.r.l. itself. This result is a clear advantage in terms of quality acquired by the product, kept under constant control in every step of its production and enriched thanks to practical advices suggested by both customers and installers. The spirit of technical innovation that has always distinguished Bonomini s.r.l. is the basis of the significant development of this company.

Bonomini in the world


Besides being one of the most established and well-known brands in the Italian market since many years, Bonomini s.r.l. distinguished and imposed its trademark also abroad, especially in the Extra-EU markets.


For over fifteen years, Bonomini s.r.l.has implemented an internationalization strategy that has led it to open in 2003 its own factory Ningbo Bonomini Waterworks ltd. in China. In 2005, in South America the company Mercosur SA Bonomini in Mendoza was opened while in 2014 Bonomini opened near Belgrade  the company Yubea doo, whose production is aimed to the markets of Eastern Europe.

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