Copper pipes according to European standards

The plant in Serravalle Scrivia (Alessandria) is one of the most important and advanced in Europe in the  production of copper tubes for plumbing and industrial use, boasting an integral production cycle that includes the insulation sheaths for tube coverings.

The production complex, inaugurated in 1964, has its roots in the historical SMI Group, Italian Metallurgy Company, founded in 1886 and which is the origin of the brand name SMISOL®, well known in the plant engineering sector.

Since March 2016, Serravalle Copper Tubes is part of the TREFIMETAUX group, which includes the French plants at Givet and Niederbrück as well as tubes division at the Italian plant in Serravalle Scrivia, which has been working as part of the KME group for years. As a result of this structuring, a state-of-the-art, specialised reality has been created in Europe in the copper tubes sectors for industrial and sanitary ware applications, as well as copper bars.

We are aware of the fact that we have an advanced production process and certified quality standards and that we can count on a long tradition as well as on a proven technological knowledge associated with a strong orientation towards the market aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers for quality and service” – considered by the leaders of the company. Serravalle Copper Tubes has the highest level of quality management, with undoubted positive repercussions for more “standard” products such as copper tubes for plumbing use.

Copper tubes for heating (coils and straight lengths; non-insulated and pre-insulated)

Copper tubes for Air conditioning (coils and straight lengths; non-insulated and pre-insulated copper tubes with insulating sheath with UV protection; pre-insulated copper tubes with insulating sheath without UV protection)

Copper tubes for hot and cold drinking water (coils and straight lengths)

Copper tubes for refrigerant gas transportation, transport of medical gases (coils and straight lengths; non-insulated and pre-insulated)

Copper tubes for industry

Advantages of SCTubes solutions

Quality confirmed by European certificates

Insulating sheath with UV protection

Centricity of the tubes

Wide range of products

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