Through quality teamwork, successful projects and interactive relationship with clients, our company Technology International Services, has represented the top quality brands for 20 years, among which you can find products with all the desired characteristics, in accordance with your requirements.

The 1990s were marked by a closed market, a lack of valid information and the impossibility of growth for small and medium-sized enterprises in Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, Technology International Services has been in business since 1999 with the idea of reconciling different mentalities, ideas, cultures and consumer demands. Technology International Services is always available to its partners when it comes to market research and analysis, establishing pricing policies and sales channels and forming a customer base. Therefore, it offers an effective form of continuous support guaranteeing credibility, systematicity and top professionalism.

Over time our region has become the epicentre for business development, confirming the correctness of the decision by which prominent foreign brands in the field of heating, air-conditioning, industry, plumbing and bathroom equipment become present with their range of products in our region.

Professional support as key to success

“After many years of cooperation with TIS, I think that I can rightly say that the entire team is exceptional, all I have are words of praise!

At any moment, they are ready to respond to our requests and give precise answers to all our inquiries, and they always react promptly to every situation.

A great example of a professional business that unfortunately is not often encountered nowadays.

I wish you good luck in your further work, and I certainly look forward to the continuation of a successful, and what is equally important, pleasant cooperation”.

Anđelko Marić, CEO  AIRCO B doo, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Thank you for enabling our company to reach a new level of development. We are ready to achieve new successes together with you in the future”.

Basri Ibrahimi, CEO Hidrotermika sistemi, Gostivar, North Macedonia

“Our cooperation with TIS in recent years has proven to be excellent in respect to their complete portfolio of solutions.

The company is always available for technical and commercial information, provides all the necessary support we need, between us the sellers and producers that are present on the market.

Their work represents much more and is organized professionally, not like a classic agency or agencies.

After all the years of working with TIS, we have only compliments, and we want such cooperation to continue in the future”.

Basri Ibrahimi, CEO Hidrotermika sistemi, Gostivar, North Macedonia

Dear TIS members,

Next March will be exactly 10 years of my career and cooperation with TIS, three years through Valmax and almost 7 years through Valdom, and the trajectory of this cooperation is best shown by the fact that Valdom is, if not the first, then among the three largest clients of the TIS.

Vlada, Aca and Goca represent the backbone of the company, and they have been there since my first day and I could not say anything else, but thank them for everything they have done, both personally and professionally, and I wish we will continue with this way of cooperation.

As for the younger forces, Jelena and Mirko, cooperation, which I had no doubt in, continued in the same direction, and the greatest satisfaction is when Mirko says that “he is on vacation, but that he has to answer my call”!

Communication, accuracy, kindness, resolving complaints deserves a 10!

Not to just praise, there is this one small flaw in our cooperation that we can easily fix, and that is that we have to socialize more, because I think we always exchange a lot of good information, and some new ideas come to light when we are together.

We should also intensify working together on presentations of new products and training, both for Valdom employees and Valdom installers”.

Miloš Milošević, Commercial Director of Valdom doo, Belgrade, Serbia

” It has been years working with the TIS team, and since then, it has been a very great experience.

 – My reviews for the company are at its highest. With such a professional team, working is so easy, and of course the success is just inevitable”.    

Senad Krasniqi,  Menadžer nabavke i uvoza Alba Qeramika, Priština, Kosovo

“We have established contact with TIS back in 2000. At this moment, our cooperation is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Thanks to a relationship based on mutual respect and professionalism, we have been able to achieve significant results in the region.We are looking forward to new challenges, the continuation of this extremely professional and above all pleasant cooperation. We wish you all the best and that we achieve new anniversaries together”!

Davor Zidarić, CEO of Centrometal doo, Macinec, Croatia

“Working with a reputable company like TIS is much more than a job for us at Home Systems. Enthusiasm, spirit and creativity are only a small part of the common values we strive and fight for. After years of dedicated and responsible work, Home Systems has become a partner and friend of the hardworking and smiling people who are at the heart of TIS. Led by the duo Vlada and Aca, TIS has become an unavoidable factor in the dynamic market of the Western Balkans, recognizable by its excellent professional expertise, professional attitude towards work and responsible attitude towards society. Gaining their trust is also a confirmation of our success, but also of the common vision and strategic values we strive for. Dealing with thermo-mechanics in the Balkans and not being part of the pool of associates and business partners of TIS is an almost impossible mission. We are happy to cooperate and socialize with the TIS company, which is based not only on mutual trust but also on togetherness, vision and constant improvement, both of ourselves and our partners and customers. If we were to describe the partnership with TIS in one sentence, it would surely be a quote from the great Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

Dragan Nenadić, Executive Director of Home Systems doo, Podgorica, Montenegro