Inspired by water

Glass 1989 as a company has secured a prestigious reputation for constant innovation, extreme flexibility in production, exceptional adaptability and the ability to follow current trends in the furnishing of luxurious bathrooms that call for hedonism.

SPA rituals

Very constructive solutions make it possible to make the most of the available space and fulfil the wishes and expectations of everyone when it comes to SPA rituals. Every sauna or steam bath is designed to provide comfort with attention to details whether they are intended for home or professional use. Relaxing on a luxurious level will especially make relaxation lovers happy in the silence of their own homes.


Glass 1989 saunas provide a perfect feeling of well-being: depending on your needs, you can choose a Finnish sauna (temperature around 90°C, low humidity), bio sauna (60 to 70°C, humidity around 50-55 %) or infrared sauna where the temperature does not exceed 45°C.

Steam Baths and Personalized Hammams

Steam baths and personalized hammams make a specific offer in a wide selection of products. Hammams, also known as Turkish baths, have long been synonymous with purifying the body and mind and restoring balance. Surrounded by a cloud of steam and the scents of your favourite essential oil, you can experience an unforgettable experience of complete serenity. Unlike a sauna, the air humidity in a steam bath can reach up to 100 %, and the temperature never exceeds 48°C. For absolute detoxification, regeneration and stress relief, this type of relaxation is a great option. Glass1989 also offers custom-made steam baths, so it is possible to offer a concept for any type of space, whether for personal or professional use.

Mini Pools

Multifunctional mini pools tailored to all needs, the so-called MySpa, are portable and easy to install, without the need for special or dedicated technical spaces. It is enough to fill the pool with water, connect it to the electricity network and then indulge in all the benefits that this pool provides. Glass offers three different panel models that are made of extremely high-quality materials and can be used outdoors. Whether you use the pool for personal or professional purposes, it is very important to keep the water constantly clean. The automatic ozone system improves filtration efficiency, neutralizes bacterial growth and guarantees maximum hygiene.

Home Rituals

Hydromassage Bathtubs

Glass1989 bathtubs are equipped with various hydromassage systems that create a completely new dimension of modern bathrooms. For easy maintenance, special systems have been installed so that the pipes are completely emptied after emptying the tub. This prevents water stagnation, which over time can lead to the appearance of impurities, unpleasant odours and the spread of microbes. This disinfection system provides easy cleaning and a high degree of hygiene.

Shower Space Solutions

Shower Trays and Enclosures

The advantage of Glass 1989 shower enclosures is reflected in the ability to create your own shower space taking into account elegance, luxury and functionality. An additional benefit is that you can order a custom shower enclosure and tray that can fit perfectly into a wide variety of spaces. Glass shower enclosures turn your intimate space into an oasis of peace with a pronounced aesthetic moment.

Shower Panels

Increasingly demanding shower spaces made of the most modern materials and finishes require special solutions for modern bathrooms that integrate a shower, massage jets and a steam generator on request. Glass1989 shower panels of various styles and functions meet the most diverse customer needs.

Design Bathtubs

Glass1989 offers a wide range of design bathtubs at a high aesthetic level. Cooperation with renowned architects has further enriched the range of products by introducing extremely creative and original solutions.

Advantages of Glass Solutions

SPA harmony


Italian design


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Download the Glass catalog

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