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Company history

The history of Rubinetteria Malgorani coincides with the history of piston-operated water pressure reducers. In the ’50s Vittorio Malgorani began the production of pressure reducers with the piston system he had invented. Based on his experience, Rubinetteria Malgorani was officialy founded in 1969 and started the development of the great Malgorani tradition in the production of pressure reducers and articles for plumbing and heating systems. Over the years, the gradual growth and development of the factory follows, taking care of product quality on a daily basis.

Thanks to a fully automated production process, constant development of production systems and resource management, Malgorani is today one of the leaders in its sector.


Pressure reducing valves seem to be relatively simple in appearance, but in order to function properly they require a complex study, high-tech machinery, careful processing and special assembly methods.

Made in Italy

All Malgorani products are exclusively made in Italy. The products are designed, processed, assembled and packed in Malgorani plant in Italy using components and materials of Italian origin to guarantee the highest quality.

Quality and service

To guarantee maximum production flexibility, a fast and functional service, the company has a large warehouse of semi-finished products, controlled by an innovative real-time inventory management system developed entirely within the company. The Malgorani Rubinetteria has always aimed to offer top quality products; for this purpose there is a continuous development of various products at the level of raw materials used, processing and assembly methods. The attention to quality required the development of an internal quality system certified ISO 9001: 2008 focused on the product, characterized by continuous controls in every phase of the production chain and by the integrated management of production, assembly, inventory management, personnel management and environmental protection. For Malgorani, the utmost care for quality has always been the goal and the main destination of the investments and efforts.

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Made in Italy




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