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Founded in 1956, Airaga rubinetterie S.p.a. today it is one of the renowned manufacturers of ball valves. Over the years, thanks to the introduction of new technologies and human resources, the company has grown steadily, until it has finally established itself in the market as one of the leading manufacturers in its sector. The main focus of Airaga staff has always been to improve production standards, product quality and fully meet customer needs. This is evidenced by the Vision 2000 certificate that the company received in 2003. The Airaga product range goes from traditional ball valves to customer-centric design. During the production cycle, with the help of specialized machines, each step is controlled until the final test is performed, which is done on each individual valve. Versatility, dynamism and young spirit are the pillars of Airaga, a stable manufacturer looking to the future and continuous development of potential.

Ball valves for water and gas

Hose union valves


Pressure relief valves

Flanged and gate valves

Check valves

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Made in Italy

Ecological products

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