Water and air for complete comfort

This is Sabiana.


An Italian company which conceives, designs and manufactures appliances to air-condition spaces where people work and live. Sabiana builds equipment and systems that heat and cool any type of space: factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and houses. Always based on the most natural element in existence: water.

EFFICIENCY IS THE GOAL OF ALL WE DO.-For Sabiana, efficiency means generating thermal comfort with minimal energy consumption. That’s why all their products are conceived to operate at low consumption levels, not to weigh down on bills and the environment. This innovation path allowed them to create the ECM version, for a 50% energy saving.

BY PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE. –Sabiana’s technology is based on water, the source of life, which is transformed into a source of thermal well-being for everyone. People are the focus of our idea of thinking, designing and manufacturing. It is a sense of community engaging everyone at Sabiana: associates, suppliers and external consultants.

CONCEPT, DESIGN, PRODUCTION: ALL MADE IN ITALY –They are an Italian company and always have been, since 1929. They chose to stay rooted in their land, Italy and Lombardy, keeping their operational staff in Corbetta and Magenta. Becoming part of the AFG Group (now Arbonia AG) meant operating with even more international perspective. While everything is still conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy.

THERE’S MORE WELL-BEING IN THE AIR. –Sabiana works with air and water, the two most natural existing elements. With them, they build environmental conditions as natural and comfortable as possible, for climate control solutions accompanying work, study, shopping activities. Life. Their systems are available with specific filters to improve interior air quality.

SABIANA THINK ABOUT CHANGE. CONSTANTLY. – They build the tools to make it happen. This idea helps them create a true and successful change. It’s a constant challenge, which Sabiana meets with a creativity and innovation. To go further. To build new certainties.

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