Radiators with a refined note

Runtal products

The Runtal brand includes a premium class of products. The Arteplano model is a radiator of a simple but effective design available in different dimensions, thus fitting into any ambience. It is made in the colours of the Runtal colour chart or in one of the specific finishes. All Runtal radiators, regardless of their shape, perform their main function of heat emission in the space where they are installed.


Unique design with many possibilities – this bathroom radiator is available as a model for central heating system or as an electric model.

Flow Form

It stands out in the offer as a model of radiator for a central or electric heating system whose large area allows an enviable level of thermal power and is available in different dimensions.


Simple shape of an extremely thin radiator with an interesting finish. It can be used for a central heating system or as an electric radiator, with or without a towel rail.

Folio Glass

The surface of 2 x 4 mm laminated safety glass with integrated control (glass can be black or white or with a mirror effect).

Folio Hybrid

Combined operation (hot water/electricity) with rather shallow depth.


An extremely elegant model with a minimalist design that looks flat when viewed from the front, while its wavy shape can be seen from the side. It is also characterized by a wide range of dimensions and a very interesting finishes.


Radiator of unique design. It can be used both for central heating and as an electric model.

Advantages of Runtal solutions

Unique design


Unique finishes

Innovative technology

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